Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If these answers do not satisfy your expectations, you can contact us through our form.


Q : Your picture file exceed 2 MB
A : You can reduce its size online on www.webresizer.com

Q : Your photo is not displayed when checking while it appeared well during the creation.
A : Indeed when you import your image - PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS IN YOUR FILE NAME : ' < > * " ? Your picture is not lost, we can find it and make your watch. Do not worry.

Q : "Your text here" appears on your check.
A : This is the default text when you do not add your own text. Do not worry, we will automatically take it away.


Q : I ordered a custom watch paid by card and the message "Your payment is not accepted by your financial institution" appeared.
However, I received an order confirmation email. My order still considered?
A : Your order has been recorded on our server, as confirmed in the email received, but refused by the bank upon which we can not intervene. Your order will not be considered.